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Meet the designer!
The designer of 3 Wishes, Chris Castagnetto, will be at Passport Game Studios’ Gen Con booth, #2533, on Thursday & Friday from 10-11:30am, and Saturday from 12-1:30pm. Come learn the game from its designer!

Come see us at booth #2533 for fun, games, special appearances, and a few more surprises we have in store…

Ryan Skinner Joins Passport Game Studios!

Passport Game Studios, publishers of tabletop games, has hired Ryan Skinner as the company’s new Marketing Manager, responsible for branding, marketing and advertising our fun and exciting games!

Since 2014 Ryan has been the Sales Coordinator for Cryptozoic Entertainment, following several years as volunteer staff at events and conventions. At Cryptozoic, Ryan managed entertainment products, collector cards, and tabletop games as well. Prior to joining the industry Ryan spent 10 years in customer service & workforce management for T-Mobile USA.

Scott Morris, President of Passport Game Studios, is excited to have Ryan joining the team. “Ryan has a great perspective on the different markets that encapsulate the board game hobby and industry. I’m excited to have him bring his experience and outlook to the team to help us grow. He has a keen eye that will help Passport’s brand, and our partner’s brands whom we work with, grow to become more successful while bringing great games to consumer’s tables around the world!”

As Marketing Manager, Ryan will be working closely with our advertising partners as well as with our Community and Customer Service Manager, Chaz Marier, to ensure both the Passport brand, and our partner’s brands, are represented professionally and highlighted in the marketplace.

Ryan begins his role immediately and can be reached at for further questions or inquiries. In addition, Ryan will be attending Gen Con 2016, in Indianapolis with Passport Game Studios at Booth #2533.

Passport Game Studios is an independent board game publisher based in the Pacific Northwest. Since the company’s founding in 2012, Passport has partnered with a selection of hand-picked companies to publish over 30 English-language titles for gamers in North America and beyond. For more about Passport Game Studios, visit

Ryan Skinner_headshot

GenCon News!
Passport Game Studios is excited to announce our new game reservation system, which will allow you to skip the lines at our GenCon booth!
Between now and July 15th, use our Game Reservation system at to reserve your copies of the 35 different games that we’ll have at the convention.
Instead of rushing to get in line at PGS’ booth when the doors to GenCon open, to grab the games you want before they’re gone, we will hold the games you reserve for you at our booth. They’ll be ready for you when you are. Come by our booth at your leisure to pick up the games you have reserved.
So reserve your copies of Passport’s new and returning titles, including 3 Wishes, Mythe, Quartz and Tokaido, and pick them up at your pace. It’s another way that we want to be your Passort To GenCon! #PassportToGenCon

GenCon Volunteers Needed!

Passport and Anthony Racano from The Cardboard Jungle podcast need volunteers to assist with Passport events at GenCon.

pgs_demoingIf you’re interested in being part of the team and having some extra fun at GenCon, please contact Anthony at cardboardcorps (at) gmail (dot) com for more info and to sign up!

Insert Contest Here:
This is the big one! “Insert Here”, manufacturer of board game organizer inserts, has launched a mega-contest with big prizes. It’s super-easy to enter, so be sure to follow the link below to get in on this fantastic giveaway.


The prize list for Insert Here’s contest includes:
– A copy of Tokaido
– A copy of Hansa Tuetonica, + its Brittania and East expansions
– Insert Here’s insert for Hansa Teutonica
– CV + its Gossip expansion
– Insert Here’s insert for CV
– Trajan
– Insert Here’s insert for Trajan
– Apollo XIII
– Insert Here’s Insert for Apollo XIII

The contest runs through July 18th, 2016. Good luck!

PGS News Updates: Origins 2016!

News items and game release updates for today, June seventh, 2016:
Rather watch than read? Here’s the news in video form!

Today’s installment of the news is all about the Origins Game Fair taking place next week in Columbus, Ohio, where Passport Game Studios will be available in booth #138 in the dealer hall. A booth that will be replete with our current and new releases, plus several special things throughout the event.


First of all, two of PGS’ new games will be available at Origins to demo, purchase and play. These include the innovative, new dragon-laden, tile building game Simurgh, and the paranoia producing game of witch hunts and accusations, Salem.

In fact, Josh Balvin, who designed both Salem and Fool’s Gold, will be joining us at the Passport Game Studios booth on Friday and Saturday to demo his games, shake hands, and generally be pleasant to be around. As an added bonus, those who purchase Salem at the show will also receive a unique art print that was produced especially for Origins.

In addition to Simurgh and Salem, we’ll also be demoing two of our soon-to-be-released games at Origins too: the push-your-luck game of mischievous dwarven mining, Quartz, and the small game with big possibilities: 3 Wishes. Come by the booth and take these games for a spin, in anticipation for their release later this summer.

Whew! With so much going on at Origins, it’s shaping up to be an excellent, exciting show. If you’re going to Origins, be sure to stop by booth #138 and try out a new game with the Passport Game Studios team!