The estate of Versailles stands as one of the all-time marvels of the architectural world. Much is known about its inhabitants, but now you will learn about the people who turned this grand monument to lavish living into a reality!

In Versailles, you are one of many architects who have been contacted by King Louis XIV, who wishes to turn his father’s quaint hunting lodge into a living monument to his own glory. As you and up to four other master builders gather the materials needed to construct the gardens and palace, you will all be vying against each other to impress the Sun King. The Master Builder who can best manage their men and construct the most lavish gardens and extravagant palace will be bestowed the title of King’s Personal Architect. He may even let you stay at his house.

Versailles has very simple rules, allowing for a wide range of complex strategies to better gather resources and building the palace. Combined with a unique art style that draws you in to 17th century France, and you can see how Versailles is truly fit for a king.

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