The most fearless riders, mounted on their titanic creatures, compete in the most violent and prestigious races of Neverworld to win the title of “best rider of the year.” Pit your Titans against one another in this completely crazy, fast, furious race! You play as a rider and his titanic mount and use your power, cunning and all sorts of magical objects to try to win the race. Combine your dice, your titan’s special ability, and the bonus cards you collect on the circuit in order to perform the best actions. Ram into your opponents to weaken them and stay in the lead. Complete three laps before the others and you will be declared the grand winner of the race!

The different race boards are infinite circuits that wrap around (at the opposite sides). Whenever a titan leaves the board by the top, it reappears at the bottom; and the same goes for the sides. Whenever a titan leaves the by one side, it reappears on the other one. Thanks to those magical circuits, the titans are always within the reach of the others and can never escape their opponents. Each of the six circuits corresponds to the environment of one titan and has a unique decor as well as an additional constraint: jump over ramps in the foundry, slide on the ice, trigger traps in the forest, avoid lava pits, use the pentacle’s powers, bypass the pirates camps.

Each titan has a unique power that can be used once per turn and which depends on the proximity of the other titans on the board. During the race, players will pick up bonuses, which are unique items with numerous and various effects, and which will help them slow down their opponents or accelerate their own Titan’s pace. Effect cards allow for protection abilities and other trickery. Only 1 effect card may be played a turn, so chose carefully.

GAMEPLAY: The first player rolls as many dice as there are players at the table, then chooses an action (die) among the results. If that die matches the color of the player’s jockey, then that player is able to gain a life point. The player immediately performs the actions, any player ability and effect card they chose to activate and when their turn is completed they pass the unchosen dice to the player at his left. The new player chooses an action among the remaining dice (without rerolling them), and the turns continue, until there is only one die left unchosen. The player does not take the single die, but rerolls all of the dice and then choose an action, and a new round starts. Once players reachthe top of the circuit, move the checkered lap counter token and continue the race. When a player has lapped the board 3 times, the lap counter token is moved to the trophy space and the game ends immediately. This player has crossed the finish line and is the victor!

• 3 two-sided boards (6 circuits)
• 6 Action dice
• 13 Bonus cards
• 15 Trap tokens
• 6 Life tokens
• 6 Lap Counter tokens
• 6 Titan figurines
• 6 Titan boards
• 6 Ability cards
• 1 rulebook