For over 200 years the Knights Templar were among the most powerful political and economic forces in the world. Will you be their greatest leader?

In The Mystery of the Templars, you are a master of this famed order. Along with your fellow Templar Masters, you will guide the Knights through this critical and tumultuous time in the world, escorting pilgrims along treacherous roads and searching for long-lost artifacts. As you expand the power of the Knights Templar, you will draw the attention of many who wish to plunder your riches and see you burn. You will fend them off, but you cannot stop the course of history. As the Templars fall, you and your other Templar Masters will gather what artifacts you can and flee to the furthest corners of the Earth. The one who saves the most valuable relics and guided the Order through its most prosperous age will be the Knight most remembered.

The Mystery of the Templars is a game of trade, collecting, diplomacy, and when that fails, war. Its distinct artwork hearkens back to the age of the Templars, drawing players into the world as they spread their influence throughout medieval Europe.