Before they were famous inventors, the likes of Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell were seen as eccentric crackpots who had little more than a big idea…

The Big Idea is a game of absolutely preposterous ideas as you and your fellow inventors cobble together the next great invention. Like all great tinkerers, you will take everyday household items and discover interesting new uses for them. Building your next great invention is only the beginning, of course. Once you have a working prototype of your great Origami Telephone, you’ll have to approach investors to sell your idea and make millions (or thousands, whatever)! After everyone completes their inventions, you’ll take your turns pitching your creations to each other!

At its heart, The Big Idea is a perfect light-hearted party game designed to bring out the silliness inherent in all of us. Gather your friends and figure out just what the next big idea is!

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