Soccer, or Futball, is truly the world’s game. But just because it’s the world’s game doesn’t mean that everyone who plays it is exactly “good” at it!

In Soccero you are the manager of your very own football team, calling timeouts and substituting player as you square off against another manager. The goal of the game is to, well, score goals, and the team with the most goals wins – just like real soccer. Your skill and strategy will be tested with each play, but just like in real sports, the real challenge lies in the unexpected and sometimes it is better to be lucky than good!

Soccero is designed for two players, and comes with both basic and extended rules. The basic rules are great for any novice fan of the game, while extended rules introduce unique situations like the corner kick, free kicks, and throw-ins. This is the end-all be-all game for any soccer fan!

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