Gallic raids grow more frequent, and cities across the empire fall. Will yours be the one to stand defiant until Caesar’s legions return?

In Privincia Romana, players become the independent leaders of Roman cities in Gaul. Devastated by repeated attacks from Gallic forces, your duties are simple: manage your city’s economy, gather valuable resources, and fend off raiding parties by working out dubious agreements with the Roman Senate. By growing and defending your city, and maintaining the Roman standard of high morale, you will be rewarded with prestige and glory. The Legate who can guide their city the furthest will be proclaimed the new Proconsul for all of Provincia Romana.

Provincia Romana calls for between two and six players, and can be played in about an hour and a half. Because of the in-depth mechanics of city building and resource management, the game is best enjoyed by older audiences.

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