Progress: Evolution of Technology is a card game about researching technologies.

Guide your nation’s research efforts through a maze of technologies from the earliest signs of human development, moving progressively through the Antiquity, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance until the first sparks of the Industrial Revolution.

Unlike other civilization games, Progress focuses on a single aspect of civilization building: researching technologies that advance a society. The 210 technology cards in the game are divided into three ages (Ancient, Middle Ages, Industrial) and three types (Military, Science and Culture). To unlock the secrets to the next age, follow your path and with every advancement along that path, gain access to more advanced technologies that ultimately move your society to Progress.

Each tech card provides one bonus, which can vary from one extra knowledge to a larger hand size. Key technologies occur less frequently, forcing players to specialize and granting them unique advantages. Every technology you research makes it easier to get more advanced technologies, accelerating the race towards the end of the game.

Since the dawn of man, humans have strived to better themselves by bettering their technology. Now you are the one who determines humanity’s technological fate.

Progress: Evolution of Technology is about bettering your civilization through the advancement of technology. You will not march into battle, but instead focus your society’s brightest minds on developing new military technology, or crack the mysteries of the universe to create scientific breakthroughs. As you strive to further your civilization along, other leaders will be doing the same, and the further along your civilization goes, the more specialized they will have to become in order to keep building towards the utopia that you’ve envisioned.

With a streamlined and straightforward design, Progress: Evolution of Technology moves at a quick pace and ensures that players will remain engaged, even when it’s not their turn. With hundreds of cards to play across three eras, there is no shortage of paths you can take to grow your civilization and become a shining example for the world to emulate.

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