We’ve all had that argument of who the best trickster in a group of friends is (oh, you haven’t? …oh.). Now you can finally have a definitive answer!

In Nox, you and your friends will find out once and for all who the most cunning and inventive trickster is. By drawing cards to grow or shrink the number of card stacks each other has, players will have to rely on their instincts and a bit of luck to reach the finish line. The goal is simple: the first person to 150 points wins, and the easiest way to do that is to grow your own card stacks while shrinking, merging, or stealing the cards of others. Will you have the luck of the draw and the frame of mind to come out on top, or will you be a pawn in someone else’s game?

Nox is a straight-forward game where the rule is simple: the person with the most points wins. Great for play at parties, each turn goes by at a quick pace. Combine this with a simple-to-understand rule set, and you have a game that will test the limits of your friendships (but only for a moment or two).

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