Hidden deep within a laboratory, a powerful dark lord houses his tome of arcane lore. Who else to send into this dank dungeon than a bunch of goblins too excitable to ask questions?

In Kragmortha you and your friends are goblins who have dared, quite foolishly, to cross the powerful and short-tempered Dark Overlord, Rigor Mortis! As you brave his dungeon and slip into his lab in a misguided attempt at being guileful, you and your friends will be met with untold horrors and crippling curses! Will you be able to overcome these hindrances and take the tome of Rigor Mortis from his private library, or will you and your fellow treasure seekers be cursed to an eternity of hobbling along on one leg, speaking with your mouth sewn shut, or worse? Only time will tell…

The award-winning Kragmortha (Lucca Games Best of Show, 2007) truly pulls the player into the game with real-world penances that impact their in-game characters. Draw a silence card? Congratulations! You can no longer open your mouth (though you can still try to talk through closed lips). This added element makes Kragmortha a perfect game experience for children and adults alike.

Kragmortha Box Cover

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