On a remote tropical island, the locals pray to five distinct Gods. There’s only one small problem: those five Gods are tired of sharing the spotlight.

In Kalua, it’s time to play God. Well, a god. You are one of the five divine powers watching over the Kaluans, blessing your followers with bountiful harvests and pristine weather – provided they swear themselves to you, of course. For those who don’t recognize you as the one true deity, or worse, view another of the Gods as their rightful ruler, there will be no shortage of ways to punish them. Will you inflict a plague on the nonbelievers, or will you show your wrath by shaking the very earth they walk on? Perhaps you’ll just wash their entire village away with a flood? Whatever you decide, be wary – the Kaluans aren’t exactly smart, and won’t know why they have incurred the wrath of the Gods, or which one they’ve angered.

The end goal in Kalua is to convert the citizens of Kalua from other beliefs to your own, and the game doesn’t end until that goal is achieved. With four other Gods to compete with, finding the right balance between benevolence and malevolence is key.

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