The life of a pirate is a hard life, indeed. But for those lucky enough to survive their years of swashbuckling (and scurvy, ick), there is a tropical paradise where they can congregate and retire: Grog Island.

In Grog Island, you are a pirate who has put his sword down and retired to the five peninsulas of Grog Island, a tropical paradise where you can sit back, kick up your feet, and invest your amassed fortune in local businesses. You’ll frequent the island’s auction house, where you’ll have to compete against other retired pirates to acquire properties on the five peninsulas, engaging in a war of bidding and backing until every property on the island is owned. Then, and only then, will you know which of Grog Island’s residents is the true mogul.

Grog Island, with its simple ruleset and easy-to-understand mechanics, makes for a great game to pick up and play with your friends. All you need to worry about is when to spend your money, and when to avoid the bad deal.

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