For eons, brave warriors have risen up to save the world from the threat of bloodthirsty goblins. But did you ever stop to think how it was for the goblins?!
Goblins aims to answer that question, putting you and your friends in the position of being those very goblins that you always seem to want to kill. Rise up against your human oppressors to raze villages and loot travelers, conquering the lands that, as far as you’re concerned, rightfully belong to you! You’ll collaborate with Goblin Commanders, insofar as you won’t outright kill each other, and use powerful Goblin machinery to take as much land as possible. This war only ends when all the lands have been conquered, and the Commander with the most land to their name will be named the victor!

Goblins is a tongue-in-cheek romp through the countryside designed for between two and six players. Its eccentric art style and over-the-top player actions, such as “Epic Death” where you confuse your enemies by committing mass suicide, ensure that nobody is ever truly out of the game.