You’d think the humans would have learned from the last goblin uprising, but alas… here we are.

Goblins: Epic Death is one-part expansion and one-part sequel to Goblins, the only card and luck game where you show those pesky pinkies what for! This time the humans have set up shop inside a fortified castle that’s surrounded by a moat! Luckily for you and your other Goblin Commanders, you’ll have lifeguards and divers to navigate across their muddy waters on rafts and pedal-boats to slay the monsters lurking beneath the watery surface, slip into the castle, and lay claim to the final victory against the humans!

In keeping with the core game it’s based on, Goblins: Epic Death is all manners of silly fun. New cards and new scenarios add something fresh and new to the core Goblins experience, while new hazards and distractions make sure that your worst enemy may very well be the goblins you command (it’s not their fault, really…).