It’s 1888 and the newest rage amongst the citizenry are these newfangled “horseless carriages.” You can build one of those, right?

In Gear & Piston you step into the shoes of an unknown engineer of modest means and great ambition. You will build a prototype for a vehicle unlike anything ever seen in a bid to impress the rather finicky, but very rich, investors. You’ll do this by gathering scrap from junk yards, patenting new parts with the Patent Office, or by undercutting the competition through shady back alley deals. Just be sure to keep your eye on your rivals so they don’t return the favor and pull the rug out from under you.

Gear & Piston tests your ingenuity as you construct new vehicles of questionable quality. Will you be able to win the contract from the investors? Will your name be etched alongside the likes of Benz, Diesel, and Ford? That’s for you to decide – provided you don’t blow yourself up in the process!

Gear & Piston videos & reviews: