A wise man once said “expand or die.” When the fate of your entire species rests on this mantra, there isn’t much room to argue.

In the far distant future of Exodus Proxima Centauri, humanity finds itself split into six factions around the star of Proxima Centauri. Brought from the ashes of Earth to these worlds by the super-advanced Centaurians, their sudden disappearance has left a void that you and your faction intend to fill. By constructing a fleet of hyper-advanced starships, researching alien technology, and negotiating deals with both independent planets and other faction leaders, you will not stop until Proxima Centauri answers to you. Of course, the other faction leaders won’t stop, either.

Exodus Proxima Centauri lets up to six players vie for control by building their empires. Each game offers new challenges to overcome as players race against each other to build their fleets and conquer Proxima Centauri.

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