The emperor is dead, and the Byzantine Empire stands on the verge of chaos unless you can win favor with the aristocrats and inherit the Emperor’s throne.

Byzantio is a game of political intrigue, set during one of the most tumultuous periods in the empire’s history. You are the patriarch (or matriarch) of one of the four great dynasties. As the game progresses you will make backroom deals and set your own agenda, sabotaging the other families as you win favor with more of the cities. But be wary, as the other dynasties will be looking to do the very same and take the throne from you. The player who can complete the most objectives and gain favor with the most cities will be declared Emperor!

Byzantio is designed to be played by between two and four people, with an average game time of around 45-60 minutes. If the historic angle of the game isn’t quite up your alley, don’t worry – Nekken, a fantasy-themed version of the game, is included.


Nekken is the fantasy-themed implementation of the game, using the exact same materials as Byzantio. With its map on the reverse side ofthe board, Nekken gives a different game experience – in essence, it allows the players to have 2 games in 1.

In Nekken, each player takes the role of a tribal leader and attempts to prevail and become the ruler of this new society. The goal is to achieve prestige through the establishment of new and glorious cities, using actions to move their leader on the map, exploring, establishing cities,and betraying friends to achieve their objective. Hopefully no other ruler intends to settle in the same place!

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