For as long as humans have ridden horses, they have raced them. And for as long as humans have had money, they have found ways to wager it. Naturally, the two activities dovetail beautifully.

In Bookmaker, it doesn’t really matter which horse wins. No, all that you care about is how much you see on your “return on investment.” Before each race, bookies set the odds for each of the race horses based on certain stats that they have. Once the odds have been placed, other players place their bets and then sit back and enjoy the race! Once the race has been run and the money has ben collected, the bookies become the betters and two other betters become bookies. Play the odds, take your chances, and make sure you walk away with more money than anyone else!

Bookmaker is a game of chance, and knowing how to play the odds. Players don’t compete directly against each other, but rather against fate as the only way a player can lose is if they beat themselves.