To most people, things like bribery and extortion seem like frightening specters that could ruin your life. But to you, it’s just another night in the City by the Bay.

In Ace Detective, you are a hard-boiled private eye trying to clean the streets of pre-war San Francisco. You and the other detectives in this gritty town will step into the shadowy back alleys, slipping through the backdoors of seedy night clubs and hidden gambling halls, and bring the criminal element of this city to justice. The closer you come to cracking the case, the more perilous your investigation will grow. Will you have the guts and the guile to crack the case, or will another detective step in and steal your glory.

Ace Detective is a deep noir-style storytelling card game that is only limited by the player’s ability to tell their story. The black and white artwork from the famed artists at Black Mask Magazine draw you into their pulp fiction world, engrossing you in the experience of being a 1940s detective.

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