Matsuri Minis have arrived!

Fans of Tokaido rejoice! An all new set of miniatures of the travelers in Tokaido’s Matsuri expansion have arrived!

First introduced in the Deluxe Edition of Tokaido, plastic miniatures of the game’s characters help bring the experience of travelling the East sea road to life. In this new accessory pack, 16 never before offered miniatures are included featuring all the travelers from the Tokaido Matsuri expansion pack.

Fitting conveniently into the space already reserved in the Tokaido Deluxe Edition box, these new miniatures are a must-have for any Tokaido fan!


Find out more about the Matsuri minis at:

Get Antiquity at BGGcon!

We will have a limited number of copies of the Splotter Spellen game, Antiquity, available to purchase at the Passport Game Studios booth at BGG Con in November!

Due to the interest that’s been expressed for this game, there may not be enough copies to meet the demand at the convention. Therefore, we’ve launched a page on our website where you can request a copy of Antiquity be held for you.

Reserve your copy of Antiquity at BGG Con on our website at:

Games that are reserved will be held in the Passport Game Studios booth through noon Saturday, November 18th. This means there’s no need for you to rush to the Passport Game Studios booth when the convention opens! After noon on Saturday, any unclaimed games will be made available for sale to the public.

The deadline to reserve your copy of Antiquity is November 10th.

Join the Passport Demo Team!


Passport Game Studios is looking for some excited board game enthusiasts to join us in demoing our games at multiple conventions in November 2017.

When: November 16 to November 19th
Where: Dallas, TX.

PAX Unplugged
When: November 17th to November 19th
Where: Philadelphia, PA.

***Please respond by Sunday, October 8th  to be considered for our event staff. ***

What’s Expected
· A friendly personality and willingness to proactively engage with convention attendees to promote PGS games.
· Ability to work a minimum of 6-8 hours per day demoing games. A 60 minute break period will be provided daily for meals during longer shifts.
· Ability to work a minimum of 2 days of the convention for PAX, and 3 days of the convention for BGG Con.
· Knowledge multiple PGS games being demoed at the show (new games will be taught in advance of the show). New games being demoed at the two events include Professor Evil and the Citadel of Time, Entropy: Worlds Collide, and more.

What’s Covered & What You Get
· Free exhibitor badge (grants early access to the exhibit hall)
· A paycheck: PGS volunteers are taken in as contracted employees for the duration of the convention. All volunteers who agree to work with PGS will receive an hourly wage in addition to any other compensation.
· Two Passport Game Studios tee shirts to wear during the event.
· $25 credit per day worked towards Passport Game Studios products.
· $25 bonus credit for working all days of the convention.
· Copies of newly released games being demoed at the event.
· 1 Dinner with PGS staff on Friday or Saturday evening.

What’s Not Covered
· Daily Meals
· Travel Costs
· Hotel Costs

If you have any questions or if you’re interested in lending us your help for the show, please send me an e-mail at and include the following information:

  • Name
  • Phone number at which you can be reached
  • Tee shirt size
  • List of events you have worked with PGS in the past, if any
  • List of events you have worked with other companies in the past, if any
  • Days and/or times you’re unable to work during the event, if any


Thank you for considering joining us at Passport Game Studios!

Passport Partners with ThunderGryph Games

Everett, WA; Sevilla, Spain – October 2nd, 2017. Passport Game Studios announced today that they have signed a distribution partnership with Spanish game publishing house ThunderGryph Games to bring several new games to their catalog in 2018.


Passport has a foundation built on forging relationships with international publishers and helping bring their games to a wider market. ThunderGryph has, in their first year, developed and produced several high-quality games by way of crowdfunding and is now excited to be able to bring those titles to retail markets worldwide with this new partnership. The first three titles to be released through this new partnership are Tao Long, Pot de Vin, and Dead Man’s Doubloons.


Scott Morris, President of Passport Game Studios states, “ThunderGryph has some of the most exciting Kickstarters I’ve personally backed in the last few years with Tao Long and Dead Man’s Doubloons, so you can imagine my enthusiasm now that Passport is working with them!  Gonzalo has an excellent vision for the board game industry which aligns well with Passport’s vision and goals.  We’re focused on bringing beautiful, engaging, and easy-to-learn games to the market with which players everywhere will make memories to last a lifetime.  With ThunderGryph we add another partner to our already strong family to help achieve those goals, while introducing gamers to an active and growing publisher like ThunderGryph and their talents.”


Gonzalo adds, “We are very excited to join the Passport Family. Developing board games is an amazing experience and having a partner that shares our passion will bring the best out of our titles. We have been working on several titles during the past year and we are really looking forward to what can be achieved alongside Passport Game Studios.”


About Passport Game Studios

Passport Game Studios is an independent board game publisher based in the Pacific Northwest. Since the company’s founding in 2012, Passport has partnered with a selection of hand-picked companies to publish over 30 English-language titles for gamers in North America and beyond. Passport’s mission: To provide the best tabletop games in the world, to the gamers who love to play them.


About ThunderGryph Games

ThunderGryph Games is an European board game publisher dedicated to bring engaging and entertaining board games with great quality gameplay and production value to the market. While the company is in its first year, four games have been developed including, Tao Long and Dead Man’s Doubloons with planned releases in 2018 alongside five new unreleased titles. To know more about ThunderGryph Games, please visit


Passport Game Studios has declared a Thumb War! Go to the “Gen Con Preview” page on and give Passport’s upcoming games, Professor Evil And The Citadel Of Time and Skyward, a “thumbs up”.

For every 50 THUMBS that each of these games receive, Passport Game Studios will give away a copy of the game in our booth at Gen Con on Saturday at 1pm!

Find Skyward here:

Find Professor Evil And The Citadel Of Time here:

For example, if Skyward gets at least 50 thumbs up, a copy of it will be given away at the convention. If Skyward gets at least 100 thumbs, two copies of it will be given away, and so on. The same goes for Professor Evil And The Citadel Of Time.

Use your thumbs to start a revolution, and vote today!

GenCon: Reserve your games online, don’t stand in line.

Supplies are limited, so reserve your copies of the games Passport Game Studios will be releasing at Gen Con: Skyward or Professor Evil And The Citadel Of Time.

Our game reservation system is at:

Our Gen Con Game Reservation System is now available! No payment is needed to reserve games. Simply reserve the games you want, and we’ll hold them for you to pick up at our booth during Gen Con. Super simple!

Reserved games will be held in the Passport Game Studios booth through the end of exhibit hall hours on Saturday, August 19th. This means there’s no need for you to rush to the Passport Game Studios booth when the convention opens!

Save time and secure your copies of Skyward and/or Professor Evil And The Citadel Of Time at:

What was Passport Game Studios’ biggest new release at the 2017 Origins Game Fair? Was it They Who Were 8? Or Mythe? Quartz? or Pocket Madness? Not this time!

Was the top new release the upcoming Professor Evil And The Citadel Of Time that was being demoed at the convention? Close, but nope!

The biggest new PGS release at Origins this year is revealed in this exclusive video from the booth: