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“Professor Evil And The Citadel Of Time” announced

Rescue the world’s most famous treasures from Professor Evil’s spooky castle in the upcoming game, “Professor Evil And The Citadel Of Time”, coming from Passport Game Studios and FunForge.

Team up with your fellow adventurers to rescue some of the world’s most famous treasures from Professor Evil’s spooky castle. He’s stolen priceless treasures like Da Vinci’s Notebook and the Antikythera Mechanism and keeps them locked up all over his castle.

Race to flip the levers and switches necessary to release them, find your way through locked doors, and rescue four treasures before the Professor stashes four in his secret strongroom!

Find more information about “Professor Evil And The Citadel Of Time” at:

Starting Monday, December 5th, PGS will be giving away a game a day for fifteen days, with the help of Erwin, PGS’ Irrational End-Of-Year Non-Denominational Holiday Elf.

There will be many ways and places to enter the fifteen days of contests, but it will all start on the Passport Game Studios Facebook page. Watch this space for more info, starting on Monday, December 5th, 2016!


Today is the day! Quartz and Mythe have now been officially released, and are now available!

In Quartz, you belong to a group of dwarves who has just discovered a new mine on their land. Excited by the discovery, you decided to make a bet. Everyone will explore the mine for five days. At the end of each day you will sell in the city, the crystals you extracted during this day. At the end of the fifth day, the dwarf who earned the most money will become the only owner of the mine.
More info on Quartz:

In Mythe, the peaceful kingdom of Mythe has been unexpectedly raided by the evil red dragon and his monster companions! The red dragon has taken away the golden Sacred Cheese, the symbol of the kingdom’s prosperity and unity, and the fate of the kingdom is now in peril. The brave young heroes of Mythe must now set out on a desperate journey to the dragon’s castle and recover the Sacred Cheese!
More info on Mythe:

PGS PODCAST: Episode 1

Join the team at Passport Game Studios as they discuss board games that they’ve recently played and published.

This inaugural episode includes introductions, what we’ve recently been playing, a discussion on the “push your luck” game mechanism, and a question about mashing up two games that, at first, may not seem to go together.

Join us for this first episode, because Adventure Awaits!
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Top 10 Games from Gen Con 2016

3 Wishes, the inaugural game from Passport partner Strawberry Studios, was included in Paste Magazine’s list of the 10 Best Games at Gen Con 2016! That’s one wish granted, two to go!

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