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Pot de Vin now available!

Pot de Vin is a trick taking game in which the goal is to collect sets of different guild symbols by winning rounds and claiming the cards of your opponents. Gather the right amount of symbols to gain the most points. Jokers can be added to a guild of your choice, but watch out for the Pot de Vin (card 13); if you don’t collect them all, then they will hurt you in the end!

Everyone from the highest aristocrat to the lowliest gang boss strives to gain the support of the guilds — but to get this means bribery, skulduggery, and knowledge of the four most powerful and influential figures in the city. Knowing when to strike requires cunning and prudence. News travels fast, and no guild wants to become infamous…unless of course they can profit from it!

Tokaido now on Steam!

Tokaido now on Steam!

Discover the digital adaptation of Tokaido, the boardgame phenomenon that has already sold more than 250,000 copies worldwide, and has been translated into 14 languages!

// A magnificent voyage
You are a traveler, in the heart of ancient Japan, walking the legendary East Sea road from Kyoto to Edo, trying to make the trek as fulfilling as possible. Discover the most magnificent landscapes, taste numerous culinary specialties, acquire rare and precious souvenirs, bathe in hot springs, visit the temples, and meet other travelers…. Tokaido is a rite of passage for the heart, walking in serenity and contemplation.
But do not be fooled by the peaceful appearance of the voyage, because you will have to demonstrate stronger strategy than your opponents if you want to win!
Whether you sneak along as a messenger, a geisha, or even a ronin, you must discover as many hidden marvels as you can along the road, so your journey is the most satisfying of all!

// Unique ambiance
Discover characters and scenery in a new light!
Developed by Funforge, original publisher of the boardgame, the video game offers an entirely new graphical experience! Whether you are a first-time fan, in love with Japan, or merely a curious newbie, the digital version allows each player to discover the celebrated Tokaido road in a new form.
While Tokaido retains the famous clean graphic design of the boardgame, it offers unprecedented immersive 3D, realtime graphics, all accompanied by a superb and unprecedented soundtrack, composed specifically for the game.

// Play anywhere, solo, with two, or with the whole world
Tokaido offers several play modes for infinite replayability:
– Solo against the AI
– Pass & play
– Online multijoueur
Languages supported: French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian, Japanese.

// A worldwide success
** Tokaido, nominated for the Hra roku, in 2014
** Tokaido, nominated for the Golden Geek Best Board Game Artwork, in 2013
** Tokaido, nominated for the Golden Geek Best Family Board Game Nominee, in 2013
** Tokaido, nominated for the Gioco dell’Anno, in 2013

Passport Game Studio goes exclusive with GTS Distribution

To our valued retail partners,

After studying several changes in the North American marketplace in recent months, we are pleased to announce that Passport Game Studio products will be sold exclusively by GTS Distribution. We are confident that through tighter management of the distribution model, we can preserve the value of our products at the retail level for years to come. This arrangement is the best strategy for long term success for us and our retail partners as it ensures the highest possible value of products we represent in the marketplace, while delivering the best level of support throughout the entire inventory, marketing, and sales process.

Key changes for core hobby retail:

  • Passport Game Studios will remain as a GTS brand, focused on bringing their partner studios’ games to the North American market.
  • The GTS Distribution sales and marketing teams will handle all communications and services to hobby retailers for Passport-branded products moving forward.
  • Passport titles in the U.S. are now exclusive to GTS Distribution, and will continue its international partnerships moving forward.

Passport’s partners and their titles include:

Funforge: (Tokaido, Professor Evil and the Citadel of Time)
Splotter: (Food Chain Magnate, Antiquity)
Granna: (CV Line of Games)
Rule & Make: (Hand of Fate Ordeals, T2029: Terminator 2 Board Game)
ThunderGryph: (Tao Long, Dead Man’s Doubloons)

Please visit for up to date news and information. For product purchasing and availability, please visit or contact your GTS Sales Representative. For retailers who need to open a GTS Business Account, all necessary information can be found here:

For additional questions or comments, please contact the former President of Passport Game Studios and new Director of Business Development, Gaming, Scott Morris at:

Scott Morris
Director of Business Development, Gaming
GTS Distribution
(512) 635-2677

Matsuri Minis have arrived!

Fans of Tokaido rejoice! An all new set of miniatures of the travelers in Tokaido’s Matsuri expansion have arrived!

First introduced in the Deluxe Edition of Tokaido, plastic miniatures of the game’s characters help bring the experience of travelling the East sea road to life. In this new accessory pack, 16 never before offered miniatures are included featuring all the travelers from the Tokaido Matsuri expansion pack.

Fitting conveniently into the space already reserved in the Tokaido Deluxe Edition box, these new miniatures are a must-have for any Tokaido fan!


Find out more about the Matsuri minis at:

Get Antiquity at BGGcon!

We will have a limited number of copies of the Splotter Spellen game, Antiquity, available to purchase at the Passport Game Studios booth at BGG Con in November!

Due to the interest that’s been expressed for this game, there may not be enough copies to meet the demand at the convention. Therefore, we’ve launched a page on our website where you can request a copy of Antiquity be held for you.

Reserve your copy of Antiquity at BGG Con on our website at:

Games that are reserved will be held in the Passport Game Studios booth through noon Saturday, November 18th. This means there’s no need for you to rush to the Passport Game Studios booth when the convention opens! After noon on Saturday, any unclaimed games will be made available for sale to the public.

The deadline to reserve your copy of Antiquity is November 10th.


Passport Game Studios has declared a Thumb War! Go to the “Gen Con Preview” page on and give Passport’s upcoming games, Professor Evil And The Citadel Of Time and Skyward, a “thumbs up”.

For every 50 THUMBS that each of these games receive, Passport Game Studios will give away a copy of the game in our booth at Gen Con on Saturday at 1pm!

Find Skyward here:

Find Professor Evil And The Citadel Of Time here:

For example, if Skyward gets at least 50 thumbs up, a copy of it will be given away at the convention. If Skyward gets at least 100 thumbs, two copies of it will be given away, and so on. The same goes for Professor Evil And The Citadel Of Time.

Use your thumbs to start a revolution, and vote today!

GenCon: Reserve your games online, don’t stand in line.

Supplies are limited, so reserve your copies of the games Passport Game Studios will be releasing at Gen Con: Skyward or Professor Evil And The Citadel Of Time.

Our game reservation system is at:

Our Gen Con Game Reservation System is now available! No payment is needed to reserve games. Simply reserve the games you want, and we’ll hold them for you to pick up at our booth during Gen Con. Super simple!

Reserved games will be held in the Passport Game Studios booth through the end of exhibit hall hours on Saturday, August 19th. This means there’s no need for you to rush to the Passport Game Studios booth when the convention opens!

Save time and secure your copies of Skyward and/or Professor Evil And The Citadel Of Time at: