Passport Game Studios: Adventure Awaits!

Passport Game Studios is best described as a “full-service hobby game publisher.” We offer worldwide distribution, marketing and sales services for our studio partners as well as North American fulfillment services for individual publishers in need of delivery services.

Passport supports our distribution and retail partners and only sells to the public directly through conventions such as Origins Game Fair and Gen Con.

If you are a gamer and you’d like to buy Passport Game Studios titles to enjoy with your friends and family, we suggest contacting your local retail store or favorite online gaming supplier to find the perfect game for your next game night!  You can find a local retailer near you using our retailer locater, here.

If you are a retailer, we work with a vast distribution network worldwide and most likely, one covers your store’s area! Click here for the list of our current distribution partners to see who to contact to acquire our games for your store’s shelves.

If you are a distributor interested in carrying our products in your region, please reach out to us at sales@passportgamestudios.com and we would be happy to discuss opportunities with you.

Finally, if you are a publisher looking for distribution, marketing, sales, and/or fulfillment services, please contact us at info@passportgamestudios.com for information on how we may be able to partner with you for your needs.

The Passport Story

Passport Game Studios is an independent board game publisher and studio, originated in the Pacific Northwest.  Since the company’s founding in 2012, Passport has partnered with a selection of hand-picked companies to publish over 30 English-language titles for gamers in North America and beyond. Passport’s mission is to provide the best tabletop games in the world, to the gamers who love to play them.

Simply put, we’re a full-service publisher that makes great games with amazing partners, and through our network of distribution partners, we make those games available all over the world!

You may recognize some of the games in our catalog by name: Tokaido, Quartz, Food Chain Magnate, They Who Were 8, Professor Evil And The Citadel Of TimeSamurai Spirit, Kingsport Festival, Quantum, Trajan, to name a few. Others might be new to you: Provincia Romana, Exodus Proxima Centauri, Versailles, [redacted]. We invite you to explore our Games section and find your next favorite game for your game night!

About the Passport Team

ScottScott Morris, President of Passport Game Studios, has a very diverse background both in, and out of, the gaming industry. For the last two years, Scott has been the Vice President of Arcane Wonders, fostering the growth of the company.  In addition, he is also a published game designer, with the recent release of Firefly: Shiny Dice from Upper Deck Entertainment, and has been an active member of the board game community through vlogging at CritsHappen.com and on social media.  Prior to Arcane Wonders, Scott was a Director at Dell, Inc. in Round Rock, TX, spending 16 years in sales, services, business development, and executive positions.

Scott is passionate about the tabletop industry and more importantly, is passionate about experiences. “In my mind, game publishers provide entertainment options for consumers, and more than anything, consumers want a great experience.  From the moment a consumer picks up one of our games from their store’s shelf, to the purchase, to unboxing, playing, and placing it on their personal game shelf, I want them to have the best experience possible, every step of the way. Tabletop games offer players a chance to engage with other people, to foster a community, and to create memories; that’s what drives me, and it’s what I’m most excited about creating with the PGS team, memories and experiences that last lifetimes.”

Rob MerickelRob Merickel, founder and Senior Director of Business Development of Passport Game Studios, is a 26 year veteran of the hobby gaming industry. Rob started as a gamer who went on to open his own friendly local game store, Hero Hero. After that, he moved into distribution, working for ABC Northwest, and then for GTS Distribution. In 2011, Rob traveled to The Spiel in Essen, and decided to take on the publishing side of things. Soon after, an agreement was made with Huch & Friends to bring Trajan to the U.S. With the release of Trajan, an elegant Euro-style game by Stefan Feld, Passport Game Studios was officially born. Since then, Passport has grown from just Rob to a small team, and the catalog has grown from a handful of titles to over 30, including powerhouse games like Tokaido (featured on TableTop) from Funforge – a light game from fan-favorite designer Antoine Bauza.

When he’s not gaming, Rob enjoys spending time with his wife and his son, who is an avid gamer, musician, and part-time ninja.

ryan_headshotRyan Skinner, Marketing Manager at Passport Game Studios, joins the PGS team having managed entertainment products, collector cards, and tabletop games in other areas of the industry.

Prior to joining Passport Game Studios, Ryan worked as Sales Coordinator for Cryptozoic Entertainment, following several years as volunteer staff at events and conventions, and spent 10 years in customer service & workforce management for T-Mobile USA.

Ryan has a great perspective on the different markets that encapsulate the board game hobby and industry, and we’re excited to have his experience and outlook as part of the PGS team.

ChazChaz Marler, Community & Customer Relations Manager, has had a passion for playing and creating board games for as long as he can remember. He created his first board game in second grade, which was a simple dinosaur themed roll-and-move game. It didn’t win the Spiel des Jahres that year, but still, he was hooked on playing and tinkering with board games from that moment on.

Chaz has been running his own YouTube channel, Pair Of Dice Paradise, since 2013, which often discusses different aspects of the board game hobby, his favorite component upgrades, and his latest thrift store finds.